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Disinfectant PMPS in Swimming Pool and SPA

Disinfectant PMPS in Swimming Pool and SPA

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Disinfectant PMPS in Swimming Pool and SPA

Swimming Pool and SPA

Appearance: White powder or tablet.

Main Ingredients: Potassium monopersulfate (KHSO5) (50%, 70%), oxidizing agents, chelating agents, stabilizers

Package: 1kg / bottle. 5kg/10kg/barrel

Application: for indoor and outdoor swimming pools; hot springs; SPA; children's swimming pool.

Special Tips:

Swimming Pool. SPA potassium monopersulfate chlorine-free impact agent is the latest generation of the fifth-generation active oxygen water quality improver in the world. It integrates high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, and meets the modern people's demands for green health. This product has a very large and effective non-chlorine oxidation capacity, the use and treatment process meets safety and environmental requirements, can quickly remove various pollutants, algae and chloramines in swimming pools, sauna pools, hot spring pools or children's swimming pools, and It can degrade urea and rapidly increase the ORP value in the water to keep the water quality clear. When the product is dissolved in water, it produces a lot of new ecological oxygen, which can oxidize the chloride ion in the water to hypochlorous acid, eliminate the chlorine in the water, and improve the disinfection ability of chlorine in water. It is a special disinfectant for baby pools and children's pools. It does not irritate odor. Sauna hot springs, etc. are also used to avoid the discomfort caused by the large chlorine smell.


This product is composed of potassium monopersulfate complex salt, the oxidation-reduction potential is as high as 1.85V, and its oxidation capacity exceeds most oxidants such as chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine, strong chlorin, potassium permanganate. At normal temperature, it decomposes and releases active oxygen in the water body, increases the dissolved oxygen of the bottom water body, and increases the oxidation-reduction potential of the water body; it can oxidize the ferrous iron in the water body into ferric iron, and oxidize the divalent manganese into manganese dioxide, Oxidation of nitrate to nitrate, sulphide sulphate to sulphate; can promote the oxidative removal of toxic organic substances in algal toxin water; decompose the carcinogens such as chloramines produced by using chlorine-containing products to activate chlorine.

Functions and Features:

1. Purification of water quality: very powerful non-chlorine oxidation, which can oxidize and decompose pollutants in water, degrade organic matter in water, and restore clarification and transparency of dirty and sloppy water.

2. Elimination of chloramine and degradation of urea: Because the oxidizing ability is stronger than chlorine, the carcinogen chloramine can be oxidized and decomposed to eliminate the odious chloramine odor, and the urea content in the water body is greatly reduced, and the water environment is improved.

3. Improve the activity of chlorine: The new oxygen produced by the dissolution of this product can continuously oxidize the chloride ions in the water to hypochlorous acid, improve the activity of chlorine, enhance the disinfection effect of chlorine, and reduce the use of chlorine disinfectant. the amount.

4. Inhibition and killing of algae: The new ecological oxygen can effectively kill algae, and promote each other when it acts simultaneously with chlorine. The killing effect is stronger, which can effectively prevent the pool water from being green.

Usage and Dosage:

1. Use once a week, dissolve it evenly into the pool water, and use it after 30 minutes.

2. Use 5~10g/ton of water. If the water is dirty, increase it to 10~20g/ton. Open the cycle and use it after 30 minutes.

3. Before the addition, the chlorine-containing disinfectant can be put into the tank. After the chlorine-containing disinfectant is substantially uniform in the water, the product can be poured into the pool water according to the above method, and the product can cancel the chlorine.

Safety: It is not mixed with or combined with alkali substances, and cannot be transported and stored in high temperature and humid environment.

Shelf life: 2 years

Storage: sealed, protected from light, stored in a cool dry place

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