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Anti-static Sewing Thread

Anti-static Sewing Thread

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Anti-static sewing thread, commonly known as conductive sewing thread, is made of conductive silver-plated fibers and 100% polyester filament mixed together, with high tensile strength, to avoid the conductive fibers in the sewing process fracture, and damage the functionality of conductive fibers, Electrostatic sewing thread resistance value of 10 in the 5th power to 7 times or so.

Silver coated fiber is the object with the highest conductivity, so silver fiber is an excellent anti-static textile, completely free of toxic and side effects of general chemical products. It contains silver fiber material, which can quickly dissipate the friction charge and make the static electricity disappear. It can reach 10^3 to 10^6 the production required by customers. It has the functions of anti bacteria, anti radiation, anti odor and temperature regulation for human body, so as to achieve comfortable wearing. The product quality can completely meet the requirements of domestic and international industries, and adapt to anti-static products in various fields.


1: Conductivity: 10^3

2: Meter resistance: 86.7 ± 89

3: Strength at break: 1845cn ± 100

4: Specification: 250D / 3

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