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Bowstring Wax Line&Guard Line

Bowstring Wax Line&Guard Line

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Bowstring wax line, bowstring line and string guard line produced by UHMWPE fiber (PE super fiber is the first of the three super fibers in the world at present)

Bowstring wax line: it is made of ultra-high molecular modulus polyethylene fiber, single filament twisting with no disperse, imported microcrystalline wax and honey wax, and the line body is soft and slightly sticky.


1. Low density of bowstring: 0.96, lighter than water;

2. Cutting resistance, average thermal stability, when ≥ 145 ° C ,it will melt;

3. The surface is smooth, the friction coefficient is low, and it is not easy to fluff;

4. Elongation at break: 3.5%, better bending fatigue than aramid;

5. Strong corrosion resistance;

6. Outstanding radiation resistance, stable under UV

7. Products with insulation, excellent flexibility, light weight, excellent anti-aging, duration, cutting resistance, tensile strength and low elongation.

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