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Melamine floor pads for Gleaming floors

Melamine floor pads for Gleaming floors

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Life Nano Plastic Product (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd
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Cleaning companies utilize floor pads made from lfsponge for professional floor cleaning

Life nano Combo Melamine floor pad delivers cost and time savings for professional floor cleaners, This melamine floor pad is used in standard cleaning machines with speeds of 175 to 350 rpm, like single disc machines and floor polishing machines. The main component of the floor pad is an improved cleaning version of the melamine foam, And the great benefit of this new tpye of pads is that it cleans without the use of aggressive cleaning agents. All you need to do is add water or very mild cleaning solution to thoroughly clean floors. It uses physical decontamination and the interior microfibers are delicate, grinding hard that can be penetrated the micropores on the surface of the floor during the wiping process, removing stains quickly, polishing, dewaxing, repairing small scratches
In addition, cleaning companies save time. Compared with the usual process, which involves scrubbing and then the application of wax protective layers, the lfsponge floor pad does not take the luster off the floor, This means that fewer work cycles are required and the final polishing step can be eliminated entirely. The melamine floor pads are suitable for cleaning and restoring ceramic or porcelain tiles, VCT, concrete, terrazzo, and epoxy floors.

Life nano floor pad can be cut to the required sizes to achieve a perfect fit.

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