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Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfector

Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfector

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The disinfectat is spayed out in the from of nano micron liquid globules and kills bacterial spore(6log) in every corner:


This product is specially used for disinfection of space that has microbial limits,and can kill various microorganisms directly,such as bacteria,fungus and virus etc.


Suitable for palces that need regular disinfection and sterilization,such as bio-safety laboratories,GMP workshops,infectious disease wards,schools,hospitals,food enterprises and research institutes,etc.

1. This products sprays out disinfectant in the room of nano micron liquid globules,the size of which are con trolled in a precise and consistent level, thus reducing liquid condensate.It ensures that places that are comparatively complex and hard to access are disinfected;

2. It can effectively reach almost every comer of disinfection area;

3. High disinfection effciency:can kill Bacillus subtilis var. Niger to the effciency of 6log;

4. Rapid disinfection: the whole disinfection process take only 1-2hours;

5. Little corrosion,non-toxic and a wide range of applications,a perfect alternative of traditional space disinfection methods;

6. Flexible to use and easy to operate,this product is compact in design and easy to move,suitable for places that have limits on microorganism.

Working Principle

This product disinfects by sperding nano micron liquid globules into areas that needs disinfection. When the averge diameter of droplet is below 10um,the sprayed-out nano micron liquid globules can be called“dry”:globules will bounce off walls instead of breaking up and dampening the surface. All conditions come together to ensure that disinfectant are permeated that globules can permeate into areas that are usually unreachable.

The attributes of nano micron liquid globules are as follows:

1. Nano micron liquid globules motions randomly(Brownian Motion) and will not fall down;

2. Nano micron liquid globules will not condensate into larger droplets;

3. Globules will bounce off walls intead of breaking up and dampening the surface;

To sum up,all these attributes of nano micron liquid globules make it possible to effectively disinfect areas that are usually unreachable.

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