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Ford King Axle

Ford King Axle

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Ford King Axle

1. The shaft head is forged with alloy material and processed by CNC lathe after quenching and tempering. The bearing position is medium-frequency quenched and wear-resistant. The bearing installation does not need to be heated and can be pushed by hand, which is more convenient for installation and maintenance.

2. High-quality non-asbestos environmental protection friction plate, superior performance, long service life, low braking noise, no pollution, easy to check and replace, and improve safety factor.

3. High-efficiency special lubricating oil, good lubrication effect, can prolong the service life of the bearing, and is really efficient and energy saving.

4. Domestic well-known brand bearings have large bearing capacity, high speed, good rigidity, wear resistance, heat resistance, shock and vibration, and safe use.

5. Using double-sided single-hole boring, double-sided three-hole boring and other equipment, both ends of the shaft body are processed at the same time to ensure that the axles are concentric.

6. The tire bolts are made of alloy steel, with high strength, good tensile and bending resistance, and not easy to break. Two positioning sleeves are symmetrically equipped on each side to ensure the runout accuracy after the tire is installed and protect the threads.

7. The key parts of the axle assembly are all processed by CNC equipment. The products are produced according to international standards and have strong interchangeability. They can also be customized according to customer requirements.

8. ECO contour system is optional.

9. Designed in accordance with international standards, ABS anti-lock braking system can be installed to provide double protection, suitable for each axle.

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