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STIMPOD NMS410-Nerve Mapper-Locator PNS for Regional

STIMPOD NMS410-Nerve Mapper-Locator PNS for Regional Anaesthesia

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MedTech Devices
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STIMPOD NMS 410 is Ideal, for Transcutaneous Mapping of :

- Peripheral Nerves to determine Anatomical deviations, prior to insertion
- Deeper Peripheral Nerves with higher currents (20mA current for mapping
- Patients, with high skin Impedance)
- Excellent, to identify, the Insertion point, in Obese and Pediatric patients
- High success rate, with Nerve Proximity Indicator
- Reduce use of the Anesthetic Drugs
- Improves Recovery time
- Combined Cable, for Nerve Mapping and Location
- Open System, can use, any make, Block Needle

STIMPOD NMS 410 is equipped with :
- Proximity indicator to precisely identify the location of nerves
- Real-Time Graphical display of each measured contraction, with relevant ratios
- Transcutaneous mapping of Nerve with mapper probe
- Facility to pre-program 20 different Current and Pulse width settings
- Can show charge transfer waveform to indicate excessive impedance in the circuit/skin, electrode condition
- Auto-detection of cables to change the mode from nerve mapping to nerve location

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