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mental filter bag

mental filter bag

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Shanghai Airgrande Industrial Co.,Ltd
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Metal filter medium is made of stainless steel, iron-chromium-aluminum alloy, Hastelloy, etc. The long-term operating temperature can reach 300℃-1000℃, and it has the characteristics of good air permeability, high filtration efficiency, renewability, and long service life.
1. High temperature resistance (<1000℃), corrosion resistance and high strength.
2. Filtration efficiency is high, and the dust emission can be lower than 5mg/Nm3.
3. Good air permeability, lower initial pressure and low energy consumption.
4. High A/C ratio: 1~3m/min.
5. Suitable for on-line and off-line cleaning mode.
6. Long life.
7. It has electrical conductivity, can avoid dust explosion caused by static electricity.
8. Can effectively prevent bag burning.
9. Easy to recycle, avoid secondary pollution to the environment.
10. Small footprint and bag house.
Metallurgical industry, precious metal recycling, chemical industry, power industry, steel industry, cement industry, biomass energy, glass industry, etc.
Tailored made bag size according to your requirements.

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