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Quality mop for Yachts and Boats Deck Brush Mop Cleaning Kit

Quality mop for Yachts and Boats Deck Brush Mop Cleaning Kit

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Life Nano Plastic Product (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd
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Quality mop for Yachts and Boats from lfsponge is a new type of boat mop cleaning Kit. It is made of compressed melamine sponge (high density, strong toughness, and good wear resistance). adopt Physical decontamination , its microfiber filaments can penetrate into the fine gaps on the surface of the object to deeply clean stubborn dirt. It is a simple-to-use mop for repairing scratches and deep cleaning. It will not cause scratch on glass fiber, glass, Plastic or painted surface. clean the water stains, dirt, rust stains, grease, mud, scum and abrasion of the deck hull to keep your boat as clean as new.this boat accessory is a boat detailing kit, the perfect tool to keep your boat looking its best.

Deep cleaning: No detergent,Designed for the most demanding captains and crews
Micro-fibres:with water only, Erasing scuff marks, cleans any surface of boats and yachts

Yacht Eraser is reinforced for increased durability and cleaning, it can easily remove stubborn dirt and marks, grime, grease, mud, scum, and scuffs from the deck, hull, bulkhead, working and living cabins, console and seats of boat.

Application: Effectively wipe away stains and marks on the surface of glass fiber, leather, vinyl, plastic, aluminum, gel coat and metal on the ship, remove yellow waterline stains, rust stains, or other stains that accumulate along the waterline in both fresh or salt water. it also work for planes, surf boards, windsurf boards, wakeboards or jet skis.

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