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It is the machine for making the pre-drying process of bulgur where coming from the cooking boiler. It is also called fluidized bed dryer. The cooked bulgur is at a temperature of about 100 C degrees and 45-50% moisture when the cooking process is completed. The pre-dryer vacuum reduces the temperature of the bulgur to about 40 C degrees and 30-37 % moisture before the product is processed at the drying tower. The product has clumps and dull of its color when the bulgur which doesn’t have pre-drying process is kept in bunker. Capacity and color calibration can be done by adjusting the terminal speed according to the species of bulgur. While the pre-drying vacuum reduces the moisture content with the aid of compressed air without the use of heat source, it increases the quality of the bulgur and decreases the drying cost significantly. At the first time pre-dryer process has been used by TOPRAKÇILAR MAKİNA and now it is still used today in modern production facilities for the same purpose with different shapes and designs. It can be used in pre-treatment or drying of different products by changing the design and dimensions. (pellet feed, corn etc.)

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