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Drying tower is the tower where the moisture of the granulated products is gradually reduced to a desired ratio (by drying). It is produced in different designs and sizes depending on the capacity and the architecture of the facility to be planted. The operating logic of its that the product moving from top to bottom it selves with pressure line and the warm air adjusted from high to low gradually to evaporate the absorbing the water inside the product. When the product which reached the desired humidity, is poured into the lower bunker with the help of the variator and stored to rest in the holding silos. Drying tower uses steam or hot air generator thermo-blocks as the heat source. The drying tower was designed and produced by TOPRAKÇILAR MAKİNA has a serpentine system and a semi-demountable design to ensure that the product moisture is at the same rate in each. In this way, dead spots in the drying tower are minimized and mold fungus growth and stink formation are prevented. TOPRAKÇILAR MAKİNA has signed the first one in the bulgur sector with its drying tower. Turkey's first domestic drying tower was produced by TOPRAKÇILAR MAKİNA and the first steps of the bulgur sector in order to transform modern facilities were taken. Today, the drying tower is using the most common bulgur drying technique.

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