Horizontal Drying Unit

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Toprakcilar Machine

Toprakcilar Machine

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It is the machine where the moisture of the granular or grained products is reduced to desired value As comparative to known techniques, it takes up less space, it reduces the cost of bulgur process seriously and it provides easy of installation. It works under the principle of transporting technique. While the products are transported on conveyor, the moisture of the product is removed by the tertiary air flow. Due to the horizontal dryer was isolated rather well, the heat loss of it is 50 % less than anothers. Another known advantages of the horizontal dryer are specified as follows: Ease of installation and usage Less need space in facility Not occuring discoloration of wheat thanks to the low temperature Easy planning of the daily product capacity of the plant thanks to its advantages of starting and stopping at the desired time. In known techniques, the stopping the system causes deterioration of product quality and serious production costs while the drying process is working. More, it can’t produce except for its existing capacity. The horizontal dryer has been developed by TOPRAKÇILAR MAKİNA as a result of the long acting R&D studies and it is known as the first alternative drying technique to dyring tower.

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