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Humidification (Wheat Annealing) machine is used for increasing the humidity of wheat. It is used in two types of units into production plants for Karaman and Gaziantep types bulgur production lines. One of them is placed in the dampy peeling unit. It brings the bulgur to a specific humidity to make easy peeling of bran from outer layer of the bulgur (annealing). Thus, it is possible to product more quality bulgur. Closed loop annealing machine was developed as a solution to problems in the old technique for the first time by TOPRAKÇILAR for bulgur industry. In the old technique, the bulgur was moistened with the aid of conveyor, filled into the silos and held for about 8-10 hours. The main problems with this technique are as follows  Needed for storage space  Deterioration of bulgur (molding) due to malfunction in the facility  Instantaneous calibration problem of moisture content  Agglemoration of the moisturized bulgur in the silo and its empty problem There is no need to holding time for the closed loop annealing machine design for overcoming the all these technical problems. The product enters from the one point and evacuated from the outlet as moisturized. Thus, the bulgur is brought to same humidity in 1 hour instead of the 8-10 awaiting hours.

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