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This machine is used for the cracking of desired size wheat. Disc mill perform the cracking process of bulgur by spinning of the moving disc around the fixed mill which is located as vertical in according to it. There are 3 actuating arms in the mill body for making bulgur grinding at the desired size. Thus, the calibration can be done quickly. In case of overload, the PLC system on operates switches off the product input automatically and enables the disc mill to operate in nominal operating current. In this way, there is no need to operator control. As a result of long-term R&D activities, the disc mill was developed by TOPRAKCILAR in 2002 due to the difficulty of using the stone mill and its inability to provide its capacity requirements. Disc mill is the first and only bulgur milling machine alternative to traditional stone mill. These mills are used the same energy to traditional mills as well as three times more products can be get. While stone mills are needed to renew for every 300 tons, disc mills are 7000 tons. Also its wastage is lower than roller crushing system. Disc mills are under protection by Turkish Patent Institute EN 2008 00860 Y.

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