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Triplex box, thick parcel, weighted case, such as palette parcels, even though the real name is composed of 3 times the name of the triplex takes the name of the triplex.

Triplex cartons are composed of A wave, B wave, C wave.

Monart Packaging, which produces Triplex box, manufactures and sells this product for sectors such as automotive industry, heavy machinery sector and spare parts sector.

200 kg to 800 kg weight can carry up to suit your needs.

The companies that ship products with wood boxes abroad are faced with sanctions by the European countries such as firing, spraying and packaging of wooden cases.

These processes bring serious time and cost.

As an alternative to wooden cases and wooden cases, there is no such sanction in triplex boxes produced by Monart Ambalaj.

The heavy weight used in the production of triplex boxes is facilitated by the use of a triplex box.

As Monart Packaging, we also use our press machines on your triplex cartons to print your company's logos and contact information to turn your triplex boxes into an advertising tool.

Triplex boxes are cheaper as a wooden case than a wooden case and can be stored and stored in less space.

Wooden crates and crates bring serious labor costs and also cause pollution due to wood dust. Monart Packaging products are produced with high environmental, economic and visual effects.


Triplex Box Types, which are manufactured by placing three slab grooves into four flat cartons, which is a general name given to the boxes formed by using a combination of three layers of corrugated cardboard, is a type of packaging which is generally used in the industry sector with its robust structure and high strength strength. Triplex Corrugated Box, also known as Triplex Corrugated Carton, is preferred by the companies that will export the products. Export Boxes, which give the ability to transfer products up to half tons, which provide the environment for the lowering and lifting of heavier loads than the known cartons and transporting them safely, monart packaging guarantee is offered to you at our equipped imalthanelerimizin.

Triplex, which has the ability to print names or logos on its own if desired, provides multiple advantages thanks to its recyclable feature and eco-friendly structure, opens the doors of its uniform storage in a practical way, without affecting the products by environmental factors. Our company, which has the infrastructure and potential to meet the different size and size of packaging needs of all sectors with its Triplex Carton Manufacturer, provides great economic and convenience with Tripex Koli Prices.

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