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It is the preferred type of coli which is easy to carry and practical.

There are handles on this box where one hand can enter.


Carrying Package Options that save time, space and money, as well as provide great convenience when transferring belongings to individuals or organizations, which are primarily responsible for transporting goods in homes, offices, stores and all workplaces to another address for transport or for different purposes, They are manufactured in tens of different sizes and specifications and offered to consumers. The products or products placed in the negative external factors, such as broken, scratching, disrupting and tearing protects from unpleasant situations such as preserving Carrying Package Types, can be easily folded and removed when the work is done, no harm to nature and human health, without destroying the nature of many advantages that have disappeared It has.

Made of double-corrugated cardboard, these packaging options, which provide easy loading and unloading with easy opening and unloading thanks to side openings, have many advantages such as practical transportation, space saving storage and hygiene protection at the same time. Carrying packages, which have the option of unlimited size according to the area to be used and the size of the goods to be transported, and which create the optimum condition with the variation of square and rectangle, also provide a great advantage with the environmentalist and recycling feature. Our company, which creates a difference with its Transportation Carton Prices which provides service under the heading of Carrying Bag manufacturers, makes a difference with its service quality and customer approach.

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