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The pita box is usually made of micro (E wave) cardboard, but it can also be produced from C and B wave cardboard according to customer's preference.

Cardboard cutting mold is used in production.

It is a kind of box used by firms such as kebab and lahmacun, which serve outside.

The cost of pita boxes varies according to the quality of paper used, the type of printing and the quantity ordered.

The pita box is delivered in sheets ready for folding.


Pide varieties, one of the essential elements of Turkish cuisine and palate taste, are among the leading elements of the ready-to-eat food sector, which is one of the most important elements of the food sector. Pita Box Types, which become one of the essential materials for being hygienic and safe to be transported without being affected from external factors without being affected by the external factors, as well as being transferred in a healthy and practical way as in the pizzas, are manufactured in many different sizes according to the dimensions of the clamp which will be put into it. to the order of consumers are presented to us.

Pide Box Models, which are made of corrugated cardboard, which is the one of the thousand elements that promote and promote the company by printing the logo or the name of the manufacturer, can not cool down in the time until they go to the address where they will maintain their heat for long periods of time. is an important packaging technique. Pide Box Manufacturers, product quality and service conditions among the leading names in our company, Pide Box Price with the difference, the most economical and attractive conditions of the field to supply its products to customers.

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