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Especially in the textile sector, a product used in transportation companies, which is carried in a pouch, prevents the wrinkling and deformation of products such as evening dresses.

The plastic apparatus with fifty hangers, which is our special production, is placed in the special area on the coli and becomes a very easy transport box.

This product is also available as a retail product that helps keep your winter or summer clothes from wrinkling until the next season.


Hanging Box Types, which are one of the special productions used in the transportation of the house and the transportation of the textile sector and which are completely standardized with the designs for the needs of this field, These are the packaging options which are manufactured by the application and which allow it to be wrinkled and wrinkled. Askli Koli Models, which have the ability and ability to be manufactured in various sizes and sizes, provide protection and appearance of the products of the ready-made garment sectors during the export and import of the last iron, is one of the most preferred options for professional transportation companies in house and store transportation.

Our company, which offers the most attractive conditions to its customers with the policies it conducts regarding Hanging Parcel Prices, which provides production and supply in any standard and sizes with the identity of Hanging Box Manufacturer, is among the most preferred leader names with its professional corporate identity, timely product delivery mission. In addition, the hanging boxes, which can be kept in the same quality and condition until the next new season, in both home and stores, are among the new generation packages and packaging types, which are capable of multiple advantages, manufactured entirely on sectoral needs and demands.

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