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In the rapidly developing office life, square meters have become very important.

The archive carton used by companies or individuals who want to keep many files in smaller spaces is a corrugated cardboard product.

In the language of the public, such as the sgk parcel, file parcel, document case, storage parcel name, even though the real name is the archive carton.

The archive box or archive box can be produced from a special die cut and folded in a very easy way and the document or folder can be inserted into the file.

Self-contained or box-attached cover, the files can be removed very easily when needed and can be replaced in the next process.

There are several different types of archive carton.

Folded model, American lock model, side stitched model archives, you can get the quality you need from Monart Packaging.

Due to the fact that the archive carton is of corrugated cardboard, the information of the files on it can be written very easily.

As it is a handhold located on the sides of the archive box, it can be carried easily and stacked on top of each other.

It is a product widely used in commerce rooms, hospitals, archive companies, offices, accounting offices, schools and universities.


These packaging options, which are produced in two different categories as Archive Box and Archive Package, but serve one common purpose; used in many areas such as private workplaces, public offices, hospitals and banks; correspondence, documents, documents and documentation is a new generation of archive techniques that provide a regular and secure storage. Hundreds of documents and paper rotated every day in such environments, both regular and regular as well as easy to find when the archive sections are organized in such a way that can be found in the creation of archive archive types, different designs and concepts with the options written and printed documents date or from A to Z You can organize your life by arranging according to order.

Our company which manufactures and sells archive carton models, which are manufactured according to A4 paper sizes with standard dimensions but with different size advantages, separated by both design and functional aspects according to ordinary carton options, are manufactured in line with your priorities and needs and manufactured during the period you set. offers you perfect and complete use. Our company, which makes a difference with its rooted history, service policies and archive parcel prices within the archive parcel manufacturers, also offers these product options, which are also called SSK Kolisi, under the best conditions.

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