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The laminated carton is made of offset printing on the corrugated cardboard after the application of laminated or plastered special cut molds are cut very easily prepared with two small wheels supported by the fair box of the exhibition area of ​​the exhibition hall of your company and so on. Helps to promote your places.

The wheeled fair box, which is a product preferred by the companies participating in the fair, is a highly functional promotional product.

When you visit your booth, your customers or your guests can store the catalogs and brochures they collect in the whole exhibition area, and while doing so, they can also volunteer to advertise the fair boxes on your ad.

The companies participating in the fair should be paid a fee to the company organizing the fair and distributing the brochures in order to circulate and distribute the catalog, inserts, and distribute the brochures, but this wheeled fair box helps you to promote your volunteers by saving you this cost.

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