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Also called cardboard angles

Corner protection cardboard corners produced by compression of paper types such as kraft, testliner and straw are produced by exporters.

Cardboard angles are used in products which can be damaged like furniture, technological products and they are placed on four sides of small middle large boxes which are arranged on the pallet and they are prevented from overturning and lying on the side.

Cardboard corners are placed in four corners inside the carton and increase the lifting capacity of the carton.

Carton corners can be produced in 4 mm, 5mm, 6 mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm thickness without any printing.


A wide range of applications, especially in terms of transportation and storage, provides a more efficient environment and labor. The options of gusset can be stored on the pallet without any disintegration, rupture and detonation in a uniform manner, allowing it to be stored in desired conditions and conditions. As the name implies, it is placed on the corners of the cardboard boxes used for transportation and stock, thus providing a more durable and high strength strength of gusset types, which play an effective role in saving space without overlapping each other.

It does not harm the nature and completely recyclable structure with an environmentally friendly product, angles, today's most indispensable packaging options, cartons and cartons in higher standards and conditions allows use. These products, which are used in households, white goods, electronic consumer goods, food industry and many other areas, and are lacking in their absence, provide great savings in the area and transportation, warehouse costs thanks to both efficient transportation and the power of proper storage.

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