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The Swiss Water® process is an organic method of separating caffeine from coffee beans. This process is carried out with only water and carbon filtering unlike many other systems where other solvents are used.

The aim is to remove only the caffeine without removing all the ingredients and aroma that give coffee its delicious flavor. To do that a batch of green beans are first soaked in hot water in order to release into the water all their ingredients including caffeine. This first batch of coffee beans is discarded because, besides caffeine, all the other ingredients giving coffee its flavor are now in the water. That is, the water contains all the water soluble ingredients, caffeine included. These ingredients are called GCE (green coffee extract).

This water containing caffeine and all the other ingredients is then filtered through carbon filters which absorb the caffeine from the GCE while the other ingredients stay in the water.

The water, thus decaffeinated, is used again to treat a new batch of green coffee beans. This time only caffeine is absorbed from the beans because the only thing missing in the water is caffeine. The result is decaffeinated coffee beans, still containing all its flavor.

At the end of this process, decaffeinated coffee, full of all its flavors, is organically obtained using only water and carbon filters and without any solvents.

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