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Zircin ramming mass description

Zircon ramming mass is a type of monolithic refractory with low plasticity. It has good integrity, sealing, strong adaptability, good corrosion resistance and high refrarotiness. It is widely used in the bottom of glass furnaces.

It is composed of Zircon aggregate, powder material, binder and additives, which are mixed according to a certain proportion and then molded by ramming. Zircon aggregate is the skeleton of zircon ramming mass. Zircon ramming mass is widely used in the sealing and insulation of the glass furnace bottom. Although ramming mass accounts for a small proportion of the entire refractory materials, it is used in critical parts. It is subjected to severe environment, high temperature, corrosion by glass liquid and static penetration of glass liquid. Moreover, it is difficult to be repaired.

Zircon ramming mass characters:

1. High refractoriness, High refractoriness under load.
2. High density, low porosity.
3. Good slag resistance and corrosion resistance.
4. High strength and wear resistance.
5. Good resistance to flake performance.
6. Good thermal shock stability.
7. Scouring resistance
8. Good hot strength.

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