NP25 rtv liquid silicone rubber for polyurethane casting

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Shenzhen YiJiaSan Silicone Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen YiJiaSan Silicone Co., Ltd.

Product description

NP25 are good for polyurethane molding. With low shrinkage and excellent tension and tear strength, they are great for replicating complex pattern design of polyester, expandable polyurethane foam, solid polyurethane furniture.


according to NP25 is a kind of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber in condensation type. It is generally named as RTV2 silicone rubber. Part A is silicone base, Part B is the catalyst or curing agent. It is special used to make molds for PU or polyurethane casting.

2. Technical Datasheet

Typical general characteristics Inspection Method Value
Product data (Catalyzed A+B) Inspection Method NP25
Hardness Shore A 25 ± 2
Mix Ratio A:B 100:2
Color / White
Pot life 25 ° C (77F) 30-40mins
Curing time 25 ° C (77F) 36 hours
Mixed viscosity mPa.s 15000 ± 1000
Tear-strength kg/cm 26 ± 2
Tensile-strength ≥3.8
Elongation % ≥550%
Shrinkage % ≤ 0.2

Note: This is a 100A:2B mix ratio product that must be measured by weight. The choosing of suitable hardness should be according to the size and pattern design of the products. If large products and therefore multiple-piece molds are needed by customers, silicone rubber with higher hardness will be required for the molds. Conversely, soft silicon is indispensable for molds with complicated pattern and delicate details. The amount of curing agent admixture depends on the actual need of customers. More will be added for speedy drying and fast release and less when otherwise.

1.Low viscosity
2.great flexibility
3.Extra low shrinkage
4.Excellent PU, Resin Chemical resistance
5.release properties
6.Easy to work with
4.High tear strength
5.Heat Resistance
6.various color is available
7.High reproduction rate

Part A: Silicone rubber is a white liquid
Part B: Catalyst is a non-toxic and odorless liquid, white transparent color.
ATT: We can provide fast/medium/slow catalyst of for hot, warm or cold season.

When stored at or below 32°C (89.6°F) in the original unopened containers, YJS-P series Silicone Base and its Curing Agents have a usable life of 12 months.

Silicone base:1kg/drum; 20kg/drum;25kg/drum;200kg/drum.
Curing Agent: 30g/bottle; 1kg/bottle

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