YJS-510 Shore A 10 rtv2 silicone rubber for candle mold

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Shenzhen YiJiaSan Silicone Co., Ltd.

Product description

YJS-510 is soft silicone with hardness Shore A 10. It is very widely used for making molds for wax products, such as candle and soaps.

1. Description
YJS-510 is soft silicone with hardness Shore A 10. It will reproduce the finest detail and are suitable for a variety of industrial and art related applications including making molds for reproducing prototypes, furniture, sculpture and architectural elements. It is very widely used for making molds for wax products, such as candle and soaps.

2. Features
-Easy to use
-Good resistance to tearing
-soft and Flexible
-Good elastic
-Good tear&tensile strength
-Dimensional stability in time ( deformation - shrinking only up to 0.3 % )
-Remarkable resistance to high temperatures (up to 200 - 220℃ )
-Final curing at room temperature

3.Technical Datasheet

Typical general characteristics Inspection Method Value
Product data (Catalyzed A+B) Inspection Method YJS-510
Hardness Shore A White
Mix Ratio A:B 100:2
Color / White
Pot life 25 ° C (77F) 30-40mins
Curing time 25 ° C (77F) 3-4 hours
Mixed viscosity mPa.s 15000±2000
Tear-strength kg/cm 15±2
Tensile-strength M.pa ≥2.3
Elongation % ≤0.2%
Shrinkage % ≥530%

4.Using instructions
Step 1: Prepare and clean the prototype.
You must make sure your original molds perfect. fix the original mold on a board , then using some assistant material(like cardpaper) to make a frame for to surround the prototype. The frame is no need ,if we make the mold by brushing way .

Step 2: Take the silicone and catalyst as the ratio 100:2 (silicone:catalyst=100:2) ,mix the silicone rubber and catalyst evenly.
*Notes: Molding silicon rubber is a kind of flowing liquid and it contains two parts. Part A is a kind of flowing liquid and part B is the curing agent. Remember to mix part A and part B evenly, otherwise the silicon rubber will be partly solidified and this will bring troubles for your final operation. What’s more, the finished molds will have a short life. All of these will cause a waste of silicon rubber.

Step 3: Vacuum pumping
After mixed the silicone evenly, it is better to release the bubble by Vacuum pumping.
Step 4: Pouring cast or brushing cast
After released the bubble, we can pour/brush the silicone rubber on the prototype
*Notes:Please finished all the steped within the operation time .If not it will cause cross linking reaction, and no more further steps will be available.So,we have to pay attention to the pot life and curing time.

Part A: Silicone rubber is a white liquid
Part B: Catalyst is a non-toxic and odorless liquid, white transparent color.
ATT: We can provide fast/medium/slow catalyst of for hot, warm or cold season.

When stored at or below 32°C (89.6°F) in the original unopened containers, C-8 series Silicone Base and its Curing Agents have a usable life of 10 months.

Silicone base:1kg/drum; 20kg/drum;25kg/drum;200kg/drum.
Curing Agent: 30g/bottle; 1kg/bottle

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