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Model No.: QZX-250/500/1000
Brand: Helper
Applicable industry: Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Food &Amp; Beverage Factory, Farms
Out-of-warranty service: Video Technical Support, Online Support, Spare Parts, Field Maintenance And Repair Service
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Types of: Sausage
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Core component warranty period: 1 Year

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Packaging: Seaworthy wooden case
Productivity: 5-50 tons per day
Transportation: Ocean
Place of Origin: China
Supply Ability: 1 set per month
Certificate: ISO9001-2008, CE
Payment Type: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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Selling Units: Set/Sets
Package Type: Seaworthy wooden case

How to smoke sausage?

Smoke step: drying, steam cooking, smoking, drying

• The process that needs to be carried out after enema is drying. The drying process varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some manufacturers choose a temperature around 65°C, some choose a temperature around 80°C, some manufacturers dry for about 15 minutes, and some manufacturers need 1 hour to dry. The difference in temperature and time results in different flavors. It can prevent subsequent sausages from cracking.
• The process after drying is steam cooking. The purpose of this process is to sterilize and prevent continued fermentation. The cooking temperature is set to 92°C. After cooking, the filling will reach about 74°C and then stop cooking. Of course, there will be slight differences in the steam cooking temperature.
• Depending on the casing used, the steam cooking time will be different. The specific difference is that the lamb casing is cooked for 15-20 minutes, the pig casing is cooked for 20-30 minutes, and the beef casing is cooked for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The cooking time and temperature should be controlled, because if the cooking time is too long or the temperature is too high, it is likely to cause cracking.
• After cooking, in order to control water and continue sterilization, a smoking process is required. Smoked can make the casing dry, have a bright luster, and give it a unique smoked flavor.
• According to the different flavors of each manufacturer, the time of this process is slightly different. Some manufacturers need to smoke it for 15-30 minutes. This process uses fruit wood sawdust, and there should be no open flame in the oven, and only smoke but not fire.
• Generally, the production of smoked sausage is completed when the smoking process is reached. However, in order to keep the smoked sausage for a long time, some manufacturers have added a drying process and the temperature is controlled at 12~15°C.

Smoked Sausage Production Solution

Thanks to our rich experience in food industrial and the professional technical and production team, we can provide our clients all alround service and innovative solutions for sausage and Other meat products production. The smoked sausage is well known to people and is accepted by people as a result of its unique smoking flavor. Whether your product is natural casing, protein casing, cellulose casing, or other smoked film products, our smoker can easily set the smoking process to make perfect smoked products.

Smoking solution

Workflow of Smoked Sausage Production:

Frozen Meat Breaking , Grinding and Chopping , Tumbling and Injection Solutons, Sausage Filling and Linking System, Cooking and Smokiing Solutions, Sausage Separating Machines

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