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$2000 - 50000 /Set/Sets

Payment Type: L/C,T/T
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Transportation: Ocean

Product Attributes:

Model No.: GRZ-2500II
Brand: Helper
Applicable industry: Food &Amp; Beverage Factory
Out-of-warranty service: Video Technical Support, Spare Parts, Field Maintenance And Repair Service, Online Support
status: New
place of origin: China
warranty period: 1 Year
Marketing type: New Product 2020
Mechanical test report: Provided
Video factory inspection: Provided
Core component warranty period: 1 Year
Core selling point: Low Maintenance Cost

Supply Ability & Additional Information:

Packaging: Seaworthy wooden case
Productivity: 100-2000kg/hour
Transportation: Ocean
Place of Origin: China
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
Certificate: ISO9001-2008, CE
Payment Type: L/C,T/T

Packaging & Delivery:

Selling Units: Set/Sets
Package Type: Seaworthy wooden case

Vacuum tumbler
With Cooling Function
Vacuum Cooling Tumbler

Recommended Points
• Using food-grade stainless steel material to ensure the sanitary requirements and service life of the equipment.
• Optimize the structure and performance to make the material tumbling and pickling better.
• The Jacketed refrigeration structure ensures smooth refrigerant circulation and reduces temperature changes.
• Hydraulic lifting system is convenient for operation.
• Touch screen + PLC + inverter control system.


The drum of the vacuum cooling tumbler has an inclined structure, which makes the equipment have a greater loading capacity. The drum can be inclined to the direction of the discharge port during discharging to make the discharging faster. The vacuum feeding port is located on the cover of the drum and can also be loaded during coaxial work with the drum. Tumble and marinate products such as sausages, ham, bacon, poultry, and fish. Another main feature of this machine is that it can maintain the constant temperature of the material without using it in a constant temperature room. (Requires refrigeration unit)


1.Automated operating system

Using frequency converter to adjust the speed, the machine starts more smoothly, combined with the process to meet more speed requirements. PLC automatic control, analog vacuum adjustment, operation adopts touch screen, can save 30 formula programs, can set freely and display temperature, vacuum degree, running time and speed in real time.

2. High-standard hygienic design

The vacuum cooling tumbler machine is made of SUS304 high-quality stainless steel; the inside of the tumbler barrel is finely polished, there is no sanitary dead corner, and the discharge position can be drained.

3. With continuous automatic vacuum function

Two working conditions of vacuum tumbling (fixed vacuum degree) and breathing tumbling (vacuum and normal pressure alternately) can be selected, and the breathing tumbling function can effectively shorten the tumbling time and improve the tumbling efficiency.It adopts imported water circulation vacuum pump, equipped with vacuum pipeline filter, and selects high-quality vacuum sensors to improve the reliability of the vacuum system.

4. Jacked structure to maintain constant temperature

Simple structure, convenient maintenance and saving refrigeration power. The refrigerant is ethylene glycol, and in principle, the customer is equipped with the chiller.

5. The drum is a tiltable design with optimized structure.

With more large loading capacity, it can automatically flip and tilt the discharge. It can be loaded with an external hoist, and the side wall is equipped with a vacuum automatic feeding and suction port.

6. Meet the IP65 waterproof rating

The electrical control part adopts high-quality, well-known brand components, and is equipped with a waterproof and heat-dissipating structure to avoid the entry of water vapor and dust, and to prevent heat accumulation from affecting the performance of the equipment.


Power supply: 380V (50Hz, three-phase)
Total power: 13.5kW
Hydraulic pressure: 8Mpa
Drum volume: 2500L
Production capacity: 1500kg/h
Roller speed: 3-12rpm/min
Vacuum: The recommended gauge pressure is -0.08Mpa
Drum inclination angle: 10°(up)/23°(down)
Dimensions (mm): 3750×1900×2100
Vacuum degree: -0.08mpa
Working mode: vacuum, tumbling and rest alternately, automatic shutdown
Refrigeration method: jacketed refrigeration
Weight: about 2000KG
Jacket capacity: 130L


Why should I order one vacuum cooling tumbler machine?

Different from the ordinary vacuum tumbler, the vacuum tumbler equipped with cooling function can better preserve the freshness and taste of the raw materials and improve the quality of the product.

How does a vacuum cooling tumbler machine works?

The vacuum cooling tumbler uses the principle of physical impact under the low-temperature vacuum state to make the material move up and down in the drum, collide and rub each Other, and produce a large area of evenly distributed massage and pickling, so that the even distribution of the submerged liquid in the material is more beneficial The salt-soluble protein is squeezed out at a faster speed to a greater extent, thereby increasing the water holding capacity of the product, improving the elasticity, slicing and taste of the product, and increasing the yield of the product to a large extent. The cooling medium is conducted to the outer wall of the vacuum tumbler drum through the connected refrigeration unit to ensure that the internal raw materials are in a relatively constant low temperature state at all times.

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