Micro-Pigment #1 (5L)

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Permanent Makeup Pigment

Guangzhou Goochie Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Goochie Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Product description

• We offer any kinds of colors for all PMU and Microblading treatments,With the Pigment Solution, all colors can be diluted for special powder or shading techniques.
• Innovative design concept with complete sets of colors fulfill wishes and needs of all clients for different ages, skin colors and regions.
• Smooth and silky, greatly color-fixed and redness-free.high color density with optimal color saturation.
• Easy to work into the skin and enable immediate color penetration.
• Free of iron oxides and heavy metals
• Nano organic active ingredients, strong adhesion of small molecules, color and luster are of preciseness and smartness.
• You can either create your own signature color or use them as they are.
• Have been registered by the CPNP and MSDS safety quality inspection.
• OEM and ODM services are provided.

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