Distilled Monoglyceride(DMG) E471 Cas No.123-94-4

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Halal product Distilled Monoglyceride(DMG) Characters: Ivory powder or granular solid, it can be dispersed into the hot water, can be dissolved into the ethanol and hot grease. It is a non-ionic emulsifier, HLB value is 3.8-5.3. CAS NO.: 123-94-4, E code is E471, usually called distilled...


Distilled Monoglyceride can be dissolved into the ethanol and hot grease,dispersed into the hot water. It is a non-ionic emulsifier,ivory powder or granular solid HLB value is 3.8-5.3. CAS NO.: 123-94-4, E code is E471, usually called it as DMG, or Glycerol monostearate 90.


1. Distilled Monoglyceride is good for form stable emulsion to avoid delamination and deposit of food and beverage by adding emulsifier. And it could improve quality of product and prolong shelf life of product.
2. Can be formed the complex with the protein and starch, prevent the starch from aging, used in bread, cake for keeping the shelf life longer.
3. Control and stabilize crystallization of grease. Especially in production of margarine, it can improve plasticity and malleability of products.

Recommended Addition Amount: For cream and dough, the dose is just as processing requiered.

Technical index:

Item Specification
Total Monoglyceride content % ≥90.0
Free acid(Calculated by stearic acid) % ≤2.5
Iodine value ≤4.0
Melting Point (℃) 60.0-70.0
Arsenic (Calculated by As)% ≤0.0001
Heavy Metals(Calculated by Pb)% ≤ 0.0005


Package in craft paper bags with moisture proof inside, Net weight:25KG/bag

Storage & Transportation: To prevent from moisture and caking. Strictly forbid storing and transporting with materials that is explosive, combustible or deleterious. The shelf life is 2 years.

Hot point of our DMG:

We fully give profits to the majority of manufacturers, to achieve real quality and cheap, and further improve the cost performance of our food emulsifiers. Cooperation and win-win is our real starting point.

Choose us, it is your wise decision; choose us, you choose to rest assured; choose us, you have the protection of food production, choose us, you will get greater wealth.


Distilled monoglyceride, what is the mono ester content?

Answer: About 95 Min., but to us, we can produce it as more than 99.5%.

Glyceryl monostearate is same as distilled monoglyceride?

Answer:Glyceryl monostearate has 2 kinds products,according to the monoester content, one is GMS40,the monoester content is 40% Min.; Another one is GMS90, the mono ester content is 90% Min., and we called it as distilled monoglyceride.

Which port can ship this goods?

Answer: Usually, we shipped goods from Qingdao, Ningbo, Tianjian and so on.

How much is the application of DMG in food industry?

Answer: 70% of the total food emulsifiers used in the world are monoglycerides.

What is your required payment items?

Answer: In general, we required the TT payment or LC at sight payment.

Does the distilled monoglyceride have others names?

Answer: Yes, it has the followed names: Distilled monoglycerides, distilled monoglyceride, DMG emulsifier,E471 emulsifier, E471, (DMG)Distilled monoglyceride and so on.

Samples sending items:

Post samples by DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and so on, we can send samples to you all over the world, even Iran, Syria etc., you need only contact us, undertake the air freight, we will send samples to you sooner.

Samples quantity: USually, we provide 200g, if you need more, you can contact us for the details.

Please note, the air freight cost will return to you when you purchase goods from us.

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