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Distilled Monoglyceride is ivory powder or granular solid, it can be dispersed into the hot water, can be dissolved into the ethanol and hot grease. It is a non-ionic emulsifier, HLB value is 3.8-5.3.

The Yizeli additive distilled Monoglyceride is based on palm oil materials.This food emulsifier is commonly used in bakery, oils, fats, dairy, frozen desserts, plastics, and are available in various formats and packaging.

Main function

1. Efficient processing

2. Improved product quality

3. Keep shelf life longer

4. Improve oil quality

5. Used with PGE for cake gel production

Product Function Application
Distilled monoglyceride Softness and shelf life extension,Fat reduction Bread
Distilled monoglyceride anti-stickiness Pasta
Distilled monoglyceride improves cake batter performance Cakes
Distilled monoglyceride improved whiteness Non-dairy creamer
Distilled monoglyceride antistatic and mould release agent Plastic


(1) Directly mixed disitlled monoglyceride well with flour for use.

(2) Put this DMG products into warm water at about 70℃ with 1:6 to get paste substance, then for further processing.


Item Specification
Total Monoglyceride content % ≥90.0
Free acid( Calculated by stearic acid) % ≤2.5
Iodine value ≤4.0
Melting Point (℃) 60.0-70.0
Arsenic (Calculated by As)% ≤0.0001
Heavy Metals(Calculated by Pb)% ≤ 0.0005

Package in 25 Kgs bags,

20'FCL quantity is 17 MT without pallets; 13 MTS with pallets.

The shipping port is Qingdao/Shanghai/Ningbo.

The shelf life is 2 years Sealed and stored in the low temperature, dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

Why choose us:

We use advanced molecular distillation technology to ensure high content of monoester of food emulsifier and perfect emulsifying product.


What position does your company's food emulsifier play in market competition?

Answer: We have a perfect technology, price and service system, advanced technology, good price, quality service, has been our company's implementation of the policy, control the production cost of products, return profits to customers, is our long-term policy, therefore, our food emulsifier is in the international market competition with Great advantage.

What is the materials for the Disitilled monoglyceride choose.

Answer: Our main production materials are: stearic acid , glycerin.

Is distilled monoglyceride kosher and halal product?

Answe: yes, it is kosher and halal certificates products, we got the Kosher and Halal Certificates for many years.

Can you export products with the buyers' packaging?

Answer: Sure, we can use the buyers required packaging, we are using the 25 kgs bags, of course, if you have your required packagings, we can use yours. If you need the print bags with your information, the quantity must be great, at least, it is 5 FCL quantity.

For the products, what legalized certificates can you provide?

Answer: During the exporting years, we provided the Legalized certificates by Embassy, the COO, Health certificates and so on. Have any demand, we will provide the exact service.

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