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The Electric Log Splitter (65575) is an excellent made product that is priced right. It offers a 2 speed motor which allows you to easily control the amount of force used depending on the size of the logs being split.

You can achieve 7 tons of force on the low speed and 2 tons of speed on the high speed which makes this model awesome for splitting large logs that require extra force upon the initial split and less force to complete the job. You can effortlessly switch between the two speeds to obtain maximum efficiency. The variable speed control is a nice feature.

With the powerful 3 horsepower motor you can be sure that the Pow R’ Kraft Log Splitter can successfully cut any log up to 20 inches long and 12 inches in diameter. This model offers a ground fault breaker to protect against overload; which enables this unit to run on a standard household electrical current.

The Log Splitter is priced a little higher than some comparable models that offer similar features and specifications such as the Electric Log Splitter that is priced at $369 in comparison to the price of $499 of the Pow R’ Kraft. However, you may want to consider that the Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575 Firewood Splitter features an all-steel construction which will improve the longevity and durability of this model. Combine this with a 2 year warranty and you can see why this model is popular amongst consumers.

Most customers were genuinely pleased with the overall performance of the Pow’ R’ Kraft Electric Log Splitter and gave it an overall review of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. On the downside, one customer did complain that this model is not able to provide consist clean cuts when working with larger logs. Another common complaint is that the assembly instructions are not clearly written and can be difficult to follow. Overall, the Pow’ R’ Kraft 7-ton Electric Wood Splitter is an excellent splitter that should be considered, getting our number two rank in our top ten recommended electric wood splitters.

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