Birthday Gift For Old men-Chinese health ball

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Birthday Gift For Old men-Chinese Metal health ball
In China, this old men on the ball we called it the god of longevity.
It is always as birthday gift for old men, hope to can bring lucky and best wishes to old men.
This god of longervity is just like Santa Claus in western.
So this style ball is also very popular and salable in the gift market.
It is 50mm in diamter, chiming ball, 2 pcs in 1 pair with wooden gift box.
Playing Chinese ball 20 minutes per day, you can get much more benifits.
We also accept custom order, can be made 40mm size, 45mm size, 55mm size.
Can make custom design and custom box.
If you are good at design, drawing, or if you have gift shop or if you are selling something about health,
or want to make your own design ball, all can find us.
We can help you to creative the health ball which only belong to you.

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