stainless steel baoding balls with custom case

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Stainless steel baoding balls

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Supply stainless steel baoding balls with custom case
Stainless steel baoding balls, used 304 grade industry stainless steel, the ball never rust again.
We have 2 kinds of ball about this material.
One is stainless steel baoding ball witout chiming, it is solid ball, very heavy, made of 100% stainless steel;
another one is stainless steel baoding ball with chiming, you can enjoy the beautiful chiming sound if you like.

No matter which kind of ball, we also can supply custom case for you.
No matter you want to sell it or just as gift, we all can make logo for you on the case.
The case can be fabric or can be PU leather.
More different colors of case you can choose.

So, baoding balls not only can be played at home, but also can be taked anywhere you want.
Let us enjoy it together, and share it with our friends.

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AXBBW Ball Factory
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