PCT-01 package compression tester Pneumatic power compression force tester for package

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Cell Instruments Co., Ltd.

Cell Instruments Co., Ltd.

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Cell Instruments
Model Number: PCT-01

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: export carton
Payment Terms: TT LC

Detailed Product Description

Packaging compression tester is a professional tester for pressure resistance. It is suitable for composite film pack and paper cup/bowl used in food, medicine, cosmetics etc. It can also be applied to infusion bags, plastic infusion bottles, blood bags, ice bags, etc.

Packaging compression tester test principle

The sample to be tested is placed between the upper and lower pressure plates, and the upper pressure plate is operated downward, and the force value of the lower pressure plate is collected in real time to test the bursting performance of the package and constant pressure resistance capacity.

Technical characteristics

1. HMI touch screen facilitates easy parameter setting and test operation

2. PLC control system betters the precise control of test pressure, time, speed, etc.

3. Dual test modes of maximum bursting force test and constant pressure resistance

4. Automatic constant pressure compensation adjustment function

5. with automatic data statistics

6. Equipped with liquid collection device to avoid contamination in case of sample rupture

7. Non-standard platen size can be customized

8. Professional software is an option

Packaging compression tester Specification

Measuring range 2000N (other optional)

Measurement accuracy: Grade one

Time range: 0~10000S

Platen size: 250mm*300mm (other can be customized)

Power supply 220V, 50HZ

Dimension: 460mm*410mm*590mm


GB/T 10004, YBB 00112005

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