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Cell Instruments Co., Ltd.

Cell Instruments Co., Ltd.

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Cell Instruments
Model Number: PST-01

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: export carton
Payment Terms: TT LC

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Power: Electronic
Usage: Paper Testing Instrument
Product Name: Pendulum Puncture Tester
Test Materail: Paper And Board

Board Puncture Strength Tester measures the energy required to puncture board with a pyramidal head affixed to a pendulum arm. These energy includes the energy to tear the material and the energy to bend it out of the way of the point.

Board Puncture Strength Tester​ Principle:

A puncture head, consisting of a stainless steel right-angled triangular pyramid is attached to a solid arm. The arm, under load, swings through an arc until it contacts the specimen clamped between two horizontal plates. The upper plate is fixed; the lower is spring loaded. Each has a triangular hole to accommodate the puncture head.

A collar, loosely fitted to the cylindrical extension to the puncture head, detaches after penetration and adheres to the specimen, keeping the hole open and preventing and braking action on the pendulum.

Board Puncture Strength Tester​ Features

1.PVC menu type operation panel

2.Microcomputer control with data statistics, storage and printing function

3.Auto measuring and intelligent judgment, real time display of test result

4.Four gears adjustable

5.Protection design and stable performance

Technical data

Test range (1~48)J
Four gears A <6J;  B<12J;  C<24J;  D<48J;
Resolution 0.001J
Pressure head (100±2)kpa
Friction sleeve resistance <0.25J
Pyramidal head edge length 60mm×60mm×60mm  height  25±0.7mm


ISO 3036, ASTM D 781, DIN 53142, TAPPI T 803, GB/T 2679.7, QB/T 1664

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