Lightweight Cat Litter

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Bentonite Cat Litter
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Puyuan (Dalian) Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Puyuan (Dalian) Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Product description

1. Lightweight

2. Dust-free

3. Eco-friendly

4. Fast absorbing water

5. Odor control

6. Deodorization

7. No essence

There are many types of cat litter, and it is particularly important to find a cat litter suitable for your pet. Do you want to have a cat litter with super water absorption capacity but lightweight? So that now I will introduce you to a brand new cat litter, lightweight vermiculite cat litter.

What is vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a kind of hydrate, in block and flake shape. The water molecules between the layers increase by 6-15 times after burning at high temperatures. After the raw vermiculite sheet is roasted at high temperature, its volume can rapidly expand several times to tens of times. The expanded vermiculite is called expanded vermiculite, which has a layered structure with crystal water between the layers, and the bulk density is 50-200kg /m3, because of super high water storage function, which can hold 400% of liquid weight.

Natural Odour Control

• Lightweight cat litter can absorbs and traps the odor within each individual particle

High Moisture Absorbency

• Holds up to 400% of the liquid by weight
• Sponge-Like properties
• Immediately draws in moisture and retains within each particle

100% Landfill Safe

• An environmentally friendly product so that gives back to landfill processes
• Garden Green Bin disposable that enhances garden composting processes

Improves Garden Health

(When mixed with soils or composts)

• Enriches soil with nutrients
• Retains water
• Aerates the soil
• Enhances composting process

Safer for Cats

• Clumping
• Non-Toxic
• Soft and gentle on paws

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Product Features:

After the ultra-fine purification process, the dust-free effect can be achieved. During the use, the infection of bacteria, fungus and viruses caused by dust exposure can be reduced, and the risk of urinary system infection and disease can be reduced.
Following this using this product for about 30 days with 10 kg for an adult cat.
Due to dust-free technology, used indoors, will not affect the human body, clean, sanitary, protect the life quality of the spade master.

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