100% Flushable Clay Cat Litter

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Bentonite Cat Litter
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Puyuan (Dalian) Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Puyuan (Dalian) Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Product description

• Flushable bentonite cat litter
• Superb clumping speed
• Quickly start to dissolve
• It can be flushed

The Ultimate 100% Flushable Clay Cat Litter

The arrival of the new generation of flushable clay cat litter that can be dissolved and flushed without clogging! This flushable clay cat litter does not compromise the clumping but instead has a better clumping effect by using different sizes of the granules between 1 – 3.5mm, smaller granules filled up the gaps to form a more solid clump that will not break when scoop. The superb clumping speed quickly form clumps and trap the bad odor, thus maintaining the freshness around your house and encouraging your cat to use the box.

What’s good about flushable cat litter?

Especially for people who live in apartment buildings, or who have to go to landfills every week. Used garbage is heavier and has to be disposed of downstairs, which is a waste of time and energy. Some countries also have waste disposal fees, and there is more money spent on cat litter.

In terms of environmental impact, flushable trash eliminates the impact of plastic bags and does not send waste to landfills. Instead, the waste is flushed cleanly into the same treatment facility or septic tank that treats human waste.

In terms of environmental impact. Flushable cat litter takes plastic bags out of the equation and doesn’t send your cat litter to the landfill. Instead, the waste is cleanly flushed away to the same treatment facility or septic tank that handles human waste.


• Scoop up clumps and place them inside the toilet bowl.
• Do not overfill the toilet bowl with clumps.
• Due to the different pressure of the flushing water pressure, to achieve a better effect, allow 20 seconds of time for the clump to dissolve in the toilet bowl before flushing.

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