Ball-shaped Bentonite Cat Litter

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Bentonite Cat Litter
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Puyuan (Dalian) Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Product description

• Bentonite Cat litter is made of natural bentonite clay;
• Odor control, lightweight, less dosage, better results;
• Remarkable clumping capabilities;
• Anti-bacteria; mildew proof
• Beautiful shape;
• Safe for people and pets.

Emily Pets is a professional factory producing cat litter in China. We have a super-strong capacity to supply high and stable quality goods. And welcome you to visit our bentonite cat litter factory. We are the supplier of many famous brands, they are well appreciated by our purchasers. Our Bentonite Cat litter is the hot sale product.

Ball-shaped type bentonite cat litter Features and functions:

• Remarkable clumping capabilities, it can reduce the consumption of cat litter.
• Remarkable odor control, give your lovely cat a fresh and dry environment.
• Dust-free to prevent the influence on the respiratory system and eyes.
• Eco-friendly, it is processed from selected bentonite.

Bentonite Cat Litter breaks the pattern of the traditional ball-shaped cat litter, Increases the water contact area. So that it has a strong ability of water absorption and deodorization, gives you a dry and fragrant environment.

This bentonite cat litter will coagulate in 3 seconds after the cat runs out of the litter box, and this particle-sized mineral will quickly absorb urine before the bottom of the litter box. The smell can also help keep the cat’s toilet clean and fresh. This cat litter formula is 99.9% dust-free, which reduces the risk of mess and inhalation of cat litter when you refill the litter box

We’re able to produce products according to your specific requirements, such as material, color, brand name, logo, and packaging.

Welcome to claim samples at any time. Our sample is free. For sample order please contact our staff. Each one of us is willing to be your honest advisor.

Features and Functions:

We use leading high-temperature sterilization process, 99% Dust-free to prevent the influence on cats’ respiratory system and eye. Heat-treated to kill bacteria. The cat sand particles through scientific design,size uniformity ,dosage can save half and not easily carried by cat out of the cat litter box, add natural fragrance it can maximum cover the odor.


Data Sheet

Compressed Resistance(g): > 400g

Absorbent: >300%

Specific Gravity(g/ml): 0.75-0.83g/ml

Moisture: < 8%

Size: 1-4mm(we can also OEM other size)

Dust: < 0.5%

Fragrance: Apple, Lemon, Lavender, Original.(other fragrance can also be provided)

Shape: ball shaped

Raw Material: bentonite clay
Appearance: white/ light gray
Packing Specification: 5L---6 bags/pp bag
10L---3bags/pp bag
5kg--- 1 bag/pp bag
10kg---1bag/pp bag



Fill the litter tray with 5-10cm of Emily Pets bentonite cat litter. Liquid waste can then be turned into clay ball quickly and thus will not make your cats feel uncomfortable.


Depending on your cat’s habits, remove the clay balls or solid waste from the tray with a scoop every day or every alternate day.


After removing all the wastes from the tray, the remaining little will be clean and fresh. Just add more Emily Pets bentonite cat litter as needed to keep the tray filled with 5-10cm of litter.


Emily Pets bentonite cat litter contains deodorizing agent, however, cats may break up the clay balls by burrowing the litter. If string odor builds up, just replace the entire tray of litter. There is no need to wash the tray and that is the beauty of using Emily Pets bentonite cat litter

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