Activated Carbon Pine Wood Cat Litter

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Pine Cat Litter
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Puyuan (Dalian) Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Puyuan (Dalian) Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Product description

• Non-toxic
• Eco-friendly
• No dust
• Odor control
• Quickly absorb urine

Emily Pets activated carbon pine wood cat litter produced by our company added activated carbon composition on the basis of the pine wood cat litter, so that it enhances the ability of odor control and water absorption. It’s the perfect product for households own cats.

Activated carbon pine cat litter is made from natural pine pellets that absorb more odor-causing liquid than other pine products because of their unique texture. Plus, the natural power of pine oil destroys ammonia odor and leaves a natural, fresh scent. This environmentally friendly litter is processed and pellet-shaped with no additives or chemicals and provides natural pine scent keeping your cat litter tray smelling clean and fresh.
Benefits of activated carbon pine cat sand

Smells clean and fresh
Pine trees naturally produce aromatic oils to thrive in the forest environment. Our Emily pets pine formula uses the natural power scent will leave your litter box smelling clean and fresh naturally.

Free of clay dust
Because it’s material is 100% pine wood. Emily Pets activated carbon pine pet litter is completely free from irritating clay dust. It contains no harmful crystalline silica, so you won’t get that dirty cloud of dust when you pour or scoop.

Softer texture
Your cat will love the softer, smaller size of our one cat litter over the uncomfortable, coarse feel of large, hard pellets found in other alternative wood, grain, and paper products.

Emily pets activated carbon pine kitty litter is completely natural. It’s made from select pine forest timber un-suitable for finished wood products that would be incinerated or discarded.
A healthy pet is free from chemicals, dyes, and other synthetics, and is 100% biodegradable.

We are a professional manufacturer of cat litter in Asia with 17 years of export experience.
At the same time, we produce a variety of cat litter and small pets products. Many high-quality products for your choice.


Raw Material: Senior mongolica, activated carbon powder
Appearance: Black
Diameter (mm): 4mm/6mm
Length(mm): 6-15mm
Moisture: < 8%
Deodorization rate: 80-95%
Water Absorption: about 400%
Grain density: 0.55-0.65g/ml
Packing Specification: 10L---5.5kg/bag ----4bags/pp bag
20kg/pp bag

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