2.5meter bottom loader filter cartridge

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Pleated Filter Cartridge
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Jun 28, 2022
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Yancheng Buyu Filter Material Co., Ltd.

Yancheng Buyu Filter Material Co., Ltd.

Product description

This cartridge filter is used to replace dust filter bags. Normally we will make one pocket same as filter bag, and mount the pocket onto the top of the filter cartridge.

1. Before using the dust filter cartridge we first check the machine. Use the induced draft fan to test the switches and valves inside the dust filter element, including every system of it, to ensure that the internal structure, equipment and working conditions are intact.

2. When the dust filter cartridge is in use. Just like setting the washing machine to wash things and clothes, it is better to be able to select the automatic cleaning mode when we start using it, but it should be noted that it is better to use differential pressure to control it, so that it will not affect the efficiency of its work progress. .

3. After the dust filter cartridge is used. After using it, you must remember to turn it off, then cut off all the power supplies, turn it on, and be aware of the pollutants and garbage generated in it when you were working just now, so that regular cleaning can enhance its use frequency.


Cement, electronics, foundry etc industry with heacy dusts;

It replace all branded filter cartridge like Donaldson, Ketter, Nederman, Coral etc, OEM service is also available for us.

2.5meter bottom loader filter cartridge TDS

Model no. Filter medium Top cover flange outside dia. mm Top flange dia.  mm Height  mm Filter area ㎡
BY/P1266-200 BY2/BY2A/BY2B/BY2CD/SJ2F A+60-80 120 660-200 1.25-4.0
BY/P1566-200 BY2/BY2A/BY2B/BY2CD/SJ2F A+60-80 150 660-200 1.53-4.6
BY/P2066-200 BY2/BY2A/BY2B/BY2CD/SJ2F A+60-80 200 660-200 2.0-60
BY/P1466-200 BY2/BY2A/BY2B/BY2CD/SJ2F Φ162plate hole 146 660-200 1.53-4.6

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