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HG Precision Component Co., Ltd.

HG Precision Component Co., Ltd.

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Express By: DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS Express, by air and sea is available
Port: Guangzhou, China
Material: SUS304; SS400
Certificate: ISO9001
Drawing: IGS; X-T; Step; DWG; PDF.....
Brand: HG
Type: Milling; Drilling; CNC; PG; JG; Grinding; EDM; WEDM
Capacity: 5000pcs per month

Pivot shafts, pivot housings, spindle motor shafts, spindle motor housing components used in the assembly of pivot cartridges and spindle motors of a hard disk drives. With the increasingly high specifications and storage capabilities of hard disk drives, the technical demand for precision components has increased accordingly. HG precision endeavors to maintain high level of precision and meticulous quality, so as to satisfy the stringent requirement on product precision and product quality.

As the storage capacities of hard disk increased, market demand for higher precision components for hard disk drives also increased. FDB spindle motors, a new form of bearing technology used in the production of high-end HDDs, are being increasingly adopted by the customers as it meets with the tough criteria which required extra-high rotational speed and accuracy, greater shock resistance and near-zero operating noise. In view of the increasing demand for FDB spindle motors, the Group proactively upgrades its machineries to stay abreast and to efficiently respond to market changes.

We believes the computer and electronic devices industry has ample room for accelerated growth. In view of the strong demand for computers and electronic devices in developing countries, together with the increasing number of digital devices that required digital storage mediums, HG believes the market demand for the precision components used in HDDs will remain robust in the foreseeable future.

Beyond traditional application in computers, hard disk drives are now finding new homes in mobile communication devices, PDA, digital cameras and digital home appliances, such as DVDs, game machines and palm-size portable music players.

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