Q235 Sheet Metal Stamping Parts

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Precision Fine Blanking Tooling

HG Precision Component Co., Ltd.

HG Precision Component Co., Ltd.

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Express By: DHL, OCS, FEDEX, UPS, EMS and other special epxress lines
Port: Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Hongkong
Material SUS304. SUS303, S45C, SKD11, HPM1, SS400, SKS3, S50, SNCM630, S55C,S50C-FF, SS400B-D, SKD61, HPM77, SUJ2, SK85M, SUS440C, NAK80, SNCM415, SK3, S48C,
Material: Stainless Steel and Brass, Copper, Carbide, Hard Ally, Mold Steel, Tool Steel
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
Drawing: PDF, DXF, Step, CAD, 3D, and so on
Brand: HG
Type: CNC Machining, EDM, Grinding, Wire Cutting, Jig Grinding, Profile Grinding
Capacity: 50000

Q235 Sheet Metal Stamping Parts

We are professionals in the manufacture and design of pressed and folded components.

Pressing technology: Production of pressed and folded components in small lots or in mass Production.

Toolmaking: Design and manufacture of highly efficient press tools.

Feeding technology: Special feeding technology of pressed and folded parts

Our raw materials range from stainless steels, spring steels, bronze, brass, copper, beryllium copper and other high alloy steels with a minimum thickness of 0.05mm and a maximum of 2.0mm respectively. We also use pre galvanized or electroplated strips or the components can be treated after punching (in bulk). Our manufacturing range begins with standard springs and pressed parts with threads, contact rivets, soldered, plastic housings and ends with assembled component groups. Our components have applications in the following fields: electrical, electronic, automotive, household appliances and also in the fasteners and clips industries.


HG Precision will discuss and advise you with an excellent technical solution for your product from the word go.

Tool design

The designing and drafting of all press and folding tools is completely done by us on state of the art 3 dimensional CAD systems.


All tools are made in our toolroom are built using the most modern machines on the market.

Primary parts

Statistically speaking 98% of all tools manufactured by us are suitable for production directly after the first pressings have been made.

The press parts are used in:


Household appliances

Fuses and electrical safety equipment


Customer's demands are dealt with by our motivated team to get the best results possible. With the use of up to date 3 dimensional CAD technologies we are capable of solving complicated tasks in short lead times. With our trouble free design concept and manufacturing methods you as a customer are guaranteed very reasonable rates. As regards quality management we are certified and have strict quality controls continuously.

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