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HG Precision Component Co., Ltd.

HG Precision Component Co., Ltd.

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Express By: DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS Express, by air and sea is available
Port: Guangzhou, China
Material: SKH-9;SKH-51; SKD11; DC53.....
Certificate: ISO9001
Drawing: IGS; X-T; Step; DWG; PDF.....
Brand: HG
Type: Milling; Drilling; CNC; PG; JG; Grinding; EDM; WEDM
Capacity: 50set per year; 500ton per yeart


Nowdadays, Fine blanking is very popular in CHINA, for automotive, house appliance, safety, medical, and so on, about brake pad. flange, door lock, gear parts, sprocket, many kinds of product.

When precision, quality and automation are critical. However, fine blanking is a better option. Fine blanking is a specialized form of metal stamping where the whole part is compressed and an upper and lower punch are used to extract the blank. In one step, fine blanking can produce hundreds of smooth edged parts per minute with high accuracy, and without cupping, edge tearing or fracture zones when shearing. The precision and stability of the process offers close tolerances and eliminates the need for many secondary operations such as grinding, milling, broaching etc. As a result, fine blanking can be a cost-effective option in many cases.

HG Precision offering stamping mold and fine blanking tooling solutions for OEM and automotive companies in China. With our fine blanking tooling can fix to capabilities from 100 to 1,500 ton presses, and over 10 years’ experience in supplying large and small customers, you can depend on HG Precision's engineering expertise to deliver the quality and the cost-effective solutions you need.

The fine blanking punch and die are manufactured by jig grinding or profile grinding, and usually the life time per once grind is over 12,000-15,000time, total tooling usage life is 1,000,000 times or more. The punch and die material is about the material name ASSAB, DAIDO, HITACHI, FUJI and so on.

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