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Precision Fine Blanking Tooling

HG Precision Component Co., Ltd.

HG Precision Component Co., Ltd.

Product description

Express By: DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS Express, by air and sea is available
Port: Guangzhou, China
Material: Mild Steel; Structural Steel; Micro-alloyed;Fine-grained steel
Certificate: ISO9001
Drawing: IGS; X-T; Step; DWG; PDF.....
Brand: HG
Type: Stamping, Forming, Bending, Drawing...
Capacity: 10 sets per month

Flange Fine Blanking:

The fine blanking tooling are for steel backing of automotive; automotive flange; recliner; car door lock, motorcycle sprocket; divided wheel; fixed plated; and safety system

Product: Fine blanking flange and buffle in EGR system

Useage: used in oil system and exhaust system for connecting pipe.

Material: AISI 304 steel AISI 430, Q235A, QSTE 500TM.

Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, can reach 10mm.

Advantages: fine blanking flange, one-step molding, high precision, smooth surface , low cost, high efficiency, independent R&D 700T fine blanking machine

Place of Origin: China

Hardware Industry: metal molds and stamping parts.

Automotive industry: a variety of components (stampings).

Construction industry: steel fittings and a variety of hardware accessories.

Home decoration: furniture hardware like connectors, handles, decorative hardware.

Electronics: metal connecting pieces, cabinet and instrument shell.

Solar energy: solar aluminum alloy bracket, battery case.

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