Multifunction Air Quality TVOC Detection Module

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TVOC Detection Modules

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Multifunction Air Quality TVOC Detection Module Manufacturer: Multifunction Air Quality Detection Modules, TVOC PM2.5 CO2 Detection, DC 5±0.5V.
Features & Specifications
Multifunction Air Quality Detection Module

Model: MM201A
Pulsensor's MM201A series Particle Sensor is a type of laser digital particle detection sensor. It scatters light on the dust particles by laser and changes it into an electrical signal by a photoelectric converter, then, the mass concentration of particles is calculated by the algorithm in the software.

Measuring parameters & Measuring range

PM2.5(Equipped with PM1: 0-600ug/m3
CO2: 400-5000ppm
TVOC: 0-9.999mg/m3

Measuring precision

PM2.5(Equipped with PM10): ≥100ug/m3:±10%;<100ug/m3:±10ug/m3
CO2: ±(50ppm+5%ofreading)
TVOC: Output resolution 0.001mg/m3
PM2.5(Equipped with PM10): 1ug/m3
CO2: 1ppm
TVOC: 0.001mg/m3
PM2.5 (Equipped with PM10): Turn-on stabilizing time ≤4s
CO2: Turn-on stabilizing time ≤30s
TVOC: Warm up time ≤3min
PM2.5(Equipped with PM10): Heal Instantly
CO2: Heal Instantly
TVOC: <60s
PM2.5(Equipped with PM10): ≤4s
TVOC: T90<20s
Temperature: Accuracy:±1.5℃; Resolution:0.1℃
Data interface: UART TTL, 9600bps
Power voltage: DC 5±0.5V,Ripple <100mV
Working current: 200mA
Work condition: Temperature: 0-50℃; humidity: 15-90% RH
Storage condition: temperature: -20℃-60℃; humidity: 15-90%RH
SIZE: 69mm*51.5mm*18mm

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