Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Pest Repeller AN-A630

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Indoor Pest Repeller

Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Product description

Product Features:

Color: Milk White (or customized)

Materials: ABS Plastic

Power Supply: Plug unit into socket of 220V~240V or 100-110V AC wall outlet

Function: Ultrasonic+Electromagnetic

Effective range: 200 square meters

Plug choice: GS, UL, SAA

Application: Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Warehouse, Hotel, Restaurant...

OEM, ODM support

Product Description:

Ants prevail in many residences. There's nothing like strolling right into your cooking area first thing in the morning, bleary eyed as well as all set for your morning mug of coffee just to locate that your home has actually been attacked. This product would help you to get rid of the ants infesting your space.
Aosion Electromagnetic And Ultrasonic Pest Repeller AN-A630:

• 100% ECO-Friendly
• No harm to human or pets

1. Using ultrasonic principle to make a pest uncomfortable enviroment drive pests away. You can switch different frequency to repel different insect:
Frequency 20kHz for mosquito
Frequency 40kHz for housefly
Frequency 50kHz for mouse

2. At the top of device, it has switch can turn on or turn off electromagnetic, we suggest turn on electromagnetic then emit magnetic waves to enhance products driven effect, the green LED will turn to red.

3. Can be widely used in family, restaurants, supermarket, farm, warehouse, kindergarten, office buildings, etc which is Unfavorable use medicine kill mouse

4. Non-toxic, Non-taste, out of the hearing range of humans and most household pets.

5. Effective range about 200 square meters.

6. Target: mouse, rat, mosquito, dust mite, bat, lizard, spider, cockroach, fly etc.

Product packing information:

• Box Size: 7.2X5.2X10.7CM
• NW: 6 KGS
• GW: 7.5 KGS
• CTN SIZE: 33.1X29.8X30.8CM
• 20FT': 44208PCS
• 40FT': 88416PCS
• 40HQ: 107424PCS

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