Indoor 360 Degree Ultrasonic And Sonic Mouse Repeller AN-B110-U

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Indoor Pest Repeller

Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Product description

Product Features:

Three working frequency:

I= Sonic waves(Pressure waves) function, repel squirrels , cats, dogs, birds, rabbit, bear, fox etc effectively.

II= Sonic waves(Pressure waves) + ultrasonic sound function.

III = Ultrasonic sound function, repel mice, roaches, fleas, crickets, ants etc effectively

Two working modes:

I =Continuous working;

II= Intermittent working, it has two scene as below:

When use ultrasonic sound function or Sonic waves function alone, it will works 20 seconds, interval 60 seconds, then cyclic working.

When use ultrasonic sound function and Sonic waves function together, it will works 5 seconds for each frequency, cyclic 2 times, then interval 60 seconds, then cyclic last working mode.

Power Supply: 5V DC USB charging

Dimensions: 78 (dia.)mm x 122φ

Weight: 340g

Power Consumption: 2 Watts

Sonic wave frequency range: 4000-5000Hz(irregular variation)

Ultrasonic wave frequency range: 19000-60000HZ(irregular variation)

Output sound pressure: 120dB / per speaker

Coverage: the effective coverage can be 4000sq feets.

Application: Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Attic, Storeroom, Warehouse...

OEM, ODM support

Product Description:

Aosion Indoor 360 Degree Ultrasonic And Sonic Mouse Repeller:

• 100% ECO-Friendly
• Completely silent
• No harm to human or pets
• Patent Number: ZL.2010 30536993.7

Mouse: A Big Trouble in a Pint-Sized Bundle
You see a shadow step from out of the edge of your eye. Then, you begin seeing droppings along your baseboards, in the pantry, as well as perhaps even on the kitchen area countertops. You might also face it: You have a mouse in the house-- and probably greater than one! Once you get over the "yuck" variable, there are some basic, no-nonsense steps you can take to get rid of mouse in your home.

1. The mouse deterrent can emit ultrasonic and high-decibel sound waves to drive away common pests and animals (such as moles, mouse , vole, gerbil, hamster, rats, roaches, fleas, flies, crickets, silverfish, water bugs, moths, ants, cats, dogs, birds, rabbit, bear, fox etc.) via function adjust button frequency according to different environmental needs.

2. This natural mouse repellent with 3 working frequency and 2 working modes, can be selected per different environment.

3. Test mode of mouse repellent sound simulates the sounds that pest hear, check the ultrasonic sound is work or not.

4. Top button of the ultrasonic mouse repellent is for power adjustment.

Product packing information:

• Model Size(Max.): 122X122X92MM
• Box Size: 125X125X95MM
• QTY: 24 PCS
• N.W.: 8.1 KGS
• G.W.: 9.1 KGS
• MEAS: 40X28X41CM
• 20FT': 14,616PCS
• 40FT': 29,232PCS
• 40HQ: 34,152PCS

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