High Quality Electronic Mice Mouse Zapper AN-C444

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Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Aosion International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Product description

Product Features:

When caught something inside the zapper, the device will come with

“Bi Bi Bi” alarm

Blinking LED light

Also when this Electronic Rodent Zapper placed on some high places, such as ceilings or high wall corners,

there included a LED extension cord which could be put somewhere you could see clearly, when something have been caught, the blue light will flashing.

Application: Living room, Kitchen, Attic, Storeroom, Garage, Warehouse...

OEM, ODM support

Product Description:

Aosion High Quality Electronic Mice Mouse Zapper:

• 100% ECO-Friendly
• Washable
• No harm to human or pets
• China Design Patent: ZL 2016 3 0007995.4

If you are facing scary mouses troubles, always finding mouse in the house, and looking for the best mouse trap in the market. But having concerns about mouse poison, sticky mouse traps, mouse glue trap, glue mouse traps, which is also harmful to your family, baby, and pets. And have no time to DIY a homemade mouse trap by yourself. This would be an ideal choice to solve such toubles.

1. How to set a mouse trap? To set the device in the corner, in the attic, or under the roof. When the mouse trap is placed on some high places, such like the ceilings or high wall corners, there included a LED luminous extension cord, when the house mouse is electrocuted, the led light will flashing.

2. The device is powered by 4X AA batteries or adaptor, put best bait for mouse traps in the trap first, like peanut, butter, cheese, etc...

3. The humane mouse trap generates electrice shock the mouse twice, so kill the mice immediately(most the others just once, just make the mice dizzy, and later may will run away.)

4. When the two parts of the mouse exterminator are separated, the circuit is completely OFF. and it will power on after two parts assembled well.

5. Only if the black mouse and mice get into the zapper, touch the baffle inside, turn on the safety switch, the device will work or there won't be electricity in circuit.

6. After throw dead mouse away, the device can be washed safely and easily.

7. The product comes with LED extension cord, adaptor in packaging, but do not include batteries.

8. If use mouse traps outdoor, please do not use in rainy weather. And DO NOT touch the device when it is wet.

Product packing information:

• Unit Packing Size:19.5X11X8.2CM
• N.W.: 5KGS
• G.W.: 6KGS
• MEAS: 41X23X26.6CM
• 20FT': 13,392PCS
• 40FT': 26,784PCS
• 4040HQ: 32,520PCS

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