Asian Series Injection Moulding Machine

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General Models Rubber Injection Machine

Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.

Product description

YL2-VL/F Asian Series Injection Machine

The high bed structure compatible with typical Asian mold design. With advanced design concept, advanced processing technology, the Asian series is widely applicable and cost-effective. It can meet the needs of customers in different industries with low investment and excellent performance .

Standard Configuration

①Siemens control system with 10” HD touch screen, V4.0 control software

② L3L/F injection unit

③ D3 clamping structure (D1 for 600 T)

④ Top brand hydraulic pump, directional valve, seal

⑤ China GB safety standard


200T, 300T and 600T with oil tank on the right side

250T, 350T and 450T with oil tank at the rear side

Standard Modular, Flexible Solutions

In order to match with the mainstream Asian demolding requirements, we adopt high-bed clamping structure with larger column spacing to facilitate the flexible combination of various complex demolding devices and other optional functions. It can satisfy the needs of customers in different industries worldwide for high efficiency while low investment

Main Option Devices

① Open gate silicone stuffer

② Side open silicone stuffer

③ L3R injection unit(non-standard injection volume)

④ F3R injection unit (F.I.F.O)

⑤ Strip compound feeding device

⑥ Top hydraulic mold separator

⑦ Bottom hydraulic mold separator

⑧ Bottom hydraulic mold separator

⑧ Lower mold sliding devi

⑨ 4RT

⑩ 3RT double lifter

⑪ 3RT with one ejector and one lifter

⑫ 2RT

⑬ Downward ejecting device

⑭ Double lower/middle mold synchronic exchange (suitable for thin mold)

⑯ Siemens control system with 9'' touch screen

⑰ B&R control system with 21'' screen, V5 control and management syst


The 3rd generation servo energy saving pump

⑳ Mold plate clipping device

㉑ Manual double middle mold exchange device

㉑ Ejecting device in clamping area

㉒ Bottom mechanical mold separator

㉓ Top mechanical mold separator

㉔ Mold tilting device

㉕ Side core puller

㉖ Double lower or middle mold non-synchronic exchange (suitable for thick mold)

㉗ Manual double middle mold exchange device

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