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General Models Rubber Injection Machine

Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.

Product description

Vacuum Chamber Injection Machine

·It is suitable for molding all kinds of products which have air entrapment problem or venting difficulty or venting not allowed.

·Vacuum can be quickly achieved; accurate setting, display and control.

·No venting movement, less flash, can realize automatic production.

Injection Machine with Large Injection Volume

·Suitable for molding products with large injection volume.

·High plasticizing efficiency, accurate plasticizing temperature control, no scorching, large part with temperature-sensitive rubber can be easily molded.

·Ideal machine for molding medium voltage, high voltage and extra-high voltage cable accessories with EPDM material.

Yizumi is committed to creating a globally advanced manufacturing platform and providing a reliable guarantee for Production;

Yizumi has been deepening the transformation and upgrade of the company. through the connection of advanced European molding technology, and the establishment of R&D center and innovation center in china and abroad, Yizumi always introduces internationally advanced technology to strengthen customer's competitiveness.

Yizumi is committed to building an internationally advanced manufacturing platform with multiple processing equipment worth tens of millions of dollars. This platform includes "OKUMA", "TOSHIBA", "MORI SEIKI" and "MAZAK" from Japan,TOS heavy boring and milling machining center from Czech Republic. Yizumi provides a powerful guarantee for the processing of key parts.

To significantly improve product's components accuracy, processing accuracy, and assembly accuracy,Yizumi is equipped with Sophisticated original imported testing instruments and equipment,and always upholds high-quality standards.

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